Mobile Phones / Smartphones / PDAs

Mobile / SmartPhone and PDA recycling for charity

If you would like to recycle your tablet (Android / iPad / WebOS / Windows / Playbook etc) or eBook reader, please visit our IT Recycling page

How Many Phones Do You Need?

The average UK mobile phone user replaces their mobile phone every 18 months, usually keeping the old handset as an unnecessary spare or throwing it away.

You can help give your old mobile phone or PDA a new life or at the very least recycle its parts by simply returning the phone in one of our freepost envelopes.

What Phones and PDAs Can We Collect?

We collect all brands of digital mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs, the newer the phone or PDA the more funds we are able to raise. Handsets don't even have to work, although more funds can be raised for charity if they do.

Please remove all sim cards before returning your phones, and please note that we can not accept chargers for recycling except smartphone (eg iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone) and PDA chargers.

How To Return Your Phones

The easiest way to send phones and PDAs to us is by using our freepost envelopes. These can be obtained via our online request form, or by calling 0845 3 100 200. As a rough guide, each envelope will hold 2 average phones.

If you have more than 20 phones let us know as it may be easier for you to just box the phones and we'll send along our courier firm to collect.

What Happens To The Phones?

Where possible we sell the phones and PDAs to be directly re-used. We have a number of outlets including our own Ebay shop. A proportion of the proceeds from each sale raises funds for charity.

Phones which need parts replacing or are beyond economic repair are sold to a company who either replace the faulty parts or break the phone down into their component parts which are then re-used or recycled.

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